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Choosing the right kind of fence is very important to the success of safely containing your animals and livestock. Barbed wire and traditional high tensile wire fences can be very dangerous and cause accidents. Animals can become entangled in barbed wire and suffer from severe cuts from the sharp barbs. Smooth high tensile wire can be just as harmful causing fatal injuries. Animals can misjudge the strength of the wire because of its size. They also have been known to run into the electric wire fence simply because it is hard to see.

The safest fence to have is one that is highly visible. Electric fence polytape and polywire are made with bright, high density polyethylene yarns which make them easy to see for the animals as well as people.

Polywire and Polytape have been designed for temporary fencing.  They are ideal for rotational grazing and temporary pastures. They are lightweight, reusable and can be used as additional fence protection as well. Our 1.5″ and 2.0″ Polytape can be used as a more permanent option to contain your livestock.  This type of fence is popular with horse owners. Polytape makes an attractive fence and is less expensive to install and maintain than wood or vinyl fencing.

Polywire and Polyrope uses UV stabilizer in the high density polyethylene support yarns with stainless steel conductors. It is ideal for rotational grazing, temporary pastures and additional fence protection.

It is not meant to be used as the only means of permanent fencing but along with other measures. Low impedence fence energizers are recommended. Do not use with continuous current or weed burning fence energizers.

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